Flip that Bird, Flip that Bone, or Flip Off with the Finger;  Damn!  All you need is balls big enough and a BoneStamp.



Flip Off Supplies--if your 'nads are bigger than your brains.

Developed by a Doctor to Help Anyone Act Just Like A Man.


  Flip that Bird, Flip that Bone, or Flip Off with the Finger;  Damn!  All you need is balls big enough and a BoneStamp.


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More Damn Good Reasons to Buy BoneStamp


BoneStamp Enters the Remote Flip the Bird Fray

  1. BoneStamp products represent your thousand words of displeasure/disdain with a primitive, simple  anatomical image conveyed by either ink or electrons to bestow the gift of your upraised middle finger.  
  2. Remotely shoving your finger in the face of an adversary  temporarily restores your power in the situation (especially if you aren't worried about your long term credibility or health). 
  3. Whether bridging the confrontational gap with e-mail (Virtual BoneStamp) or rubber stamp and ink (standard BoneStamp or BIG MAN'S BONEstamp) we have the flip off software/hardware to make it possible. 


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If you are considering buying a BoneStamp® as a gift for someone you love, you are to be congratulated for your sensitivity to a human condition that most people find intellectually unfathomable.

Q: Who needs the BoneStamp® the most?
A: No question about it, anyone who has a problem with any aspect of authority. Whether your problem stems from not having enough power or having way too much,   BoneStamp®  is for you.  This broad category of happy prospective owners includes all those below. 

Too Much Authority

Not Enough Authority

Resent All Authority

quality control inspectors
house painters
IS managers
parents of adults
college professors
graduate students
grad students & college professors
payroll clerks
working stiffs
U.S. Post Office employees

Look, there is a real need, someone has to make and sell these things. 
The problem is that it is difficult to offer a tasteful website when the product being offered is so vulgar.


  • We should be reminded that the word "vulgar" stems from the Latin root meaning "common" and not "obscene" or "tasteless." 
    • There is no question the flip the bird gesture imprinted by BoneStamp is common; even base.  It is this very common quality that gives the signal it's popularity and longevity. 
    • To give the finger is timeless and has never become obsolete
      • Flipping the Bird Was Embraced in Ancient Rome;
      • Giving the Finger Prospered and spread in Northern Europe and Britain during the dark ages;
      • The "Flip the Bird" Gesture Arrived in tact in the New World aboard the Mayflower. 
    • Precisely, because it is so common and base, we find giving the finger curiously delicious ("delicioso," as Fellini put it). 
  • The waving middle finger has a meaning that is coarse; its implied threat is primitively ominous.  
    • To flip the bird makes a man feel like a real man, like the sentient beings men once were.
      • Not a politically correct emasculated drone-man
      • Not a modern shrink wrapped drone-man
      • Not an industrial/nerd/all-head drone-man
    • When a middle finger is thrust into the air in anger, we hear the call of the wild;
    • We get a glimpse of real masculine nervous excitement;
      • the kind of excitement that comes from brutally chopping down a tree (felling  a "widow maker");
      • Not  the kind of nervous excitement that comes from toadying up to a garbage man wondering if he will accept an unbound bundle of recycled newspapers. 
Oh well. . .If you are searching for clues as to what brought us to this line of work and how we run our business: check out Bone Philosophy & Testimonials and Dr. Bone1.  
We are the sole creators, manufacturers, and purveyors of the rubber stamp that gives the finger, BoneStamp (BoneStamp $14.99, BIG MAN'S BONEstamp $24.99) and the original software flip-off application for Windows95/98/NT (Virtual BoneStamp Version 1.4.1--$9.99 & Beta Version 1.4.1   free). All our products are available only on the Internet.  It is also our pleasure to be the fiduciaries and Internet hosts of the Bone Gallery, the world's largest assemblage of flip-off fine art.  Finally, we are the founders and curators of both the BoneMischief give the finger memorabilia collection and the BoneCelebs   photojournalism collection of alleged/insinuated/unattributed flip the bird artifacts.

Attention: Clever Retail Merchants, Bartenders, Traveling Salesmen, Bouncers, Realtors, Pimps, Cocktail Waitresses & Drug Dealers!  We have Wholesales Deals on Bones by the partial gross.


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This site is satirical in nature and the products offered for sale are novelty items only intended to be used as humorous gifts and memorabilia There is no pathological psychiatric or psychological condition known as male vengeful stress syndrome so of course there are no appliances to treat it. There is a novelty item called BoneStamp®  and it really can be "a little more dangerous to use than a box of cherry bombs and incendiary bottle rockets." The main reason for this fact is that rage episodes are a public health menace.  Consider how closely  related acute rage episodes are--for victims and perpetrators alike--to beatings, stabbings and shootings. Whoa, let's about traumatic tissue damage leading to loss of life!  Few people realize that chronic rage episodes are incompatible with good health and longevity.   It is probable that people will become more physiologically aroused talking about  events that made them angry than they were aroused by the original events. That means the more you talk about your anger the more angry you become.  It is also known that recent rage episodes are involved in a disproportional number of  fatal automobile "accidents." Finally, even without interpersonal confrontation, rage episodes appear implicated in almost as many deaths from heart attacks and strokes as straining at stool. Of course, I'm a social scientist and not really a medical expert on these matters so you really should check out how all these factors effect your health with your physician. 
Enjoy life and remember your BoneStamp® is for fun so use it carefully.
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