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The BIG MAN's BONEstamp®

BIG MAN'S BONEstamp $24.99 with FREE SHIPPING! Includes a free download of Virtual BoneStamp.

  • A BIG MAN'S BONEstamp® will give you the illusion of wielding damn big power to the moment you are apprehended.
  • To leave a lifetime impression of intellectual disapproval and personal disrespect with just one brief communication, this is the perfect personal appurtenance.
  • Just think of stamping that big bone on documents destined for your least favored subordinates.
  • Imagine the thrill of imprinting the bulletin boards of long-term insufferable control freaks.
  • What great big personal assault on some poor bastard's dignity is issued with every loud, dramatic stamp you make.
  • To use the BIG MAN'S BONEstamp®, regardless of gender, you better have damn big balls. There is nothing egalitarian about BIG MAN'S BONEstamp®.
  • It separates those who eagerly flaunt what they've got from those who hide in fear (or respond with appropriate modesty).
  • If you have to ask what it costs or what could happen to you for using it, you are not a candidate to own it.

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This site is satirical in nature and the products offered for sale are novelty items only intended to be used as humorous gifts and memorabilia There is no pathological psychiatric or psychological condition known as male vengeful stress syndrome so of course there are no appliances to treat it. There is a novelty item called BoneStamp®  and it really can be "a little more dangerous to use than a box of cherry bombs and incendiary bottle rockets." The main reason for this fact is that rage episodes are a public health menace.  Consider how closely  related acute rage episodes are--for victims and perpetrators alike--to beatings, stabbings and shootings. Whoa, let's about traumatic tissue damage leading to loss of life!  Few people realize that chronic rage episodes are incompatible with good health and longevity.   It is probable that people will become more physiologically aroused talking about  events that made them angry than they were aroused by the original events. That means the more you talk about your anger the more angry you become.  It is also known that recent rage episodes are involved in a disproportional number of  fatal automobile "accidents." Finally, even without interpersonal confrontation, rage episodes appear implicated in almost as many deaths from heart attacks and strokes as straining at stool. Of course, I'm a social scientist and not really a medical expert on these matters so you really should check out how all these factors effect your health with your physician. 
Enjoy life and remember your BoneStamp® is for fun so use it carefully.
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