Flip that Bird, Flip that Bone, or Flip Off with the Finger;  Damn!  All you need is balls big enough and a BoneStamp.



Flip Off Supplies--if your 'nads are bigger than your brains.

Developed by a Doctor to Help Anyone Act Just Like A Man.


  Flip that Bird, Flip that Bone, or Flip Off with the Finger;  Damn!  All you need is balls big enough and a BoneStamp.


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Instances of the old bone getting loose.


Not all the images and documents on this page have been verified to be authentic.  Those documents which are authentic can be found in the the BoneMartyr Shrine of Contentment.    Thus the contents and authorship of the newly arrived documents found below are unsubstantiated and unconfirmed.   As our collection grows, old favorites will be housed in the BoneArchives.   If you are in possession of a document worthy of BoneMischief, donate a copy of it for posting here via e-mail to Dr. BoneOne.   After we look it over, we may choose it for display on this very page.   Applicants for the honor of being displayed in the BoneMartyr Shrine of Contentment must submit, in addition to a copy of the document, abundant substantiation for the authenticity of the document and  the identity of the bonestamper).

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The All Text Ancestor of
Virtual BoneStamp

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"Damn, I wish I'd thought of BoneStamp."
--T. Jefferson, U. of Virginia

"I was horrified to discover my wee, toddling nephew carrying a rubber stamp that imprinted 'the finger.'  Where were the lad's parents to protect him from such an assault on his innocence?  Affecting an angry posture, I harshly forbade the little nipper from ever using my BoneStamp again.  His anguish was so great, I relented.  It seemed to soothe the child to hear he could use the stamp once more when his balls grew as big as my nose."  
--W.C. Fields, Lompoc, California

"Were we blessed with but one BoneStamp, the British would have been forced from my country much sooner." 
--M. Ghandi, Delhi, India



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The Bastardized Award of the People



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McNamara wasted little time in raising a question that clearly had nagged him for decades.

"To this day I don't know what happened on August 2 and August 4, 1964, in the Tonkin Gulf," he said to Giap. "I think we may have made two serious misjudgments. ... Did what we thought was an attack on August 4, 1964, the so-called second attack -- did it occur?"

Giap replied, "On the fourth of August, there was absolutely nothing."

Found at http://aries.www.media.mit.edu/people/aries/finger.html:

If MIT gives you the bird, flip it off right back.

Copyright 1998 Michael Patrick Johnson


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This site is satirical in nature and the products offered for sale are novelty items only intended to be used as humorous gifts and memorabilia There is no pathological psychiatric or psychological condition known as male vengeful stress syndrome so of course there are no appliances to treat it. There is a novelty item called BoneStamp┬«  and it really can be "a little more dangerous to use than a box of cherry bombs and incendiary bottle rockets." The main reason for this fact is that rage episodes are a public health menace.  Consider how closely  related acute rage episodes are--for victims and perpetrators alike--to beatings, stabbings and shootings. Whoa, let's about traumatic tissue damage leading to loss of life!  Few people realize that chronic rage episodes are incompatible with good health and longevity.   It is probable that people will become more physiologically aroused talking about  events that made them angry than they were aroused by the original events. That means the more you talk about your anger the more angry you become.  It is also known that recent rage episodes are involved in a disproportional number of  fatal automobile "accidents." Finally, even without interpersonal confrontation, rage episodes appear implicated in almost as many deaths from heart attacks and strokes as straining at stool. Of course, I'm a social scientist and not really a medical expert on these matters so you really should check out how all these factors effect your health with your physician. 
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