Flip that Bird, Flip that Bone, or Flip Off with the Finger;  Damn!  All you need is balls big enough and a BoneStamp.



Flip Off Supplies--if your 'nads are bigger than your brains.

Developed by a Doctor to Help Anyone Act Just Like A Man.


  Flip that Bird, Flip that Bone, or Flip Off with the Finger;  Damn!  All you need is balls big enough and a BoneStamp.


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Give the Finger Fine Art Illustration

Is Depression just Anger without the Enthusiasm?

What a terrible thing it is when fine art is lost forever to a civilization.  Regretfully, when it comes to renditions of the bone, we have a 2400 year period when every bone masterpiece was destroyed.  Those bones, shunned by museums and other cultural forums, were inevitably destroyed by the embarrassed family members of the recently departed artist.  It is shocking that the fine drawings, frescos, and oils by Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Titian, Van Gogh, and Rodin were dumped just because the Pope wouldn't have them in his walls or ceilings or display them in his chapel.  Think about it, even Andy Worhol didn't leave us a bone to celebrate.

To correct this situation, BoneStamp┬« is pleased to provide below, the first public gallery of flip off illustrations.   Artists whose work is selected for display have the option to be identified  so that patrons of the arts will be able to contact the artist directly regarding future commissions.  To submit a bone for this shrine, please print the the page with the submission form and use it to submit your drawing. It may not be the Sistine ceiling but  it's better than letting your embarrassed relatives dump your bones with your ashes. (As a starting point for aspiring artist, we suggest our BoneModel page where the flipping of the bone can be studied in all its skeletal glory.  Not that you have to be anatomically correct in your rendition.  Non-artists may enjoy this informative animation to see just what is going on under their skin when they give someone the finger.)  

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she`s always flippin me off ...

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