Submission Agreements & Concessions

I swear by all that is Holy and under penalty of perjury that I am at least 18 years old and the artwork(s) and ideas drawn on the attached page(s) affixed with my signature were originated, completed, and are owned exclusively by me.  I further agree to surrender in perpetuity all my rights, and the rights of my heirs and assignees to the image, ideas, concepts, and designs as well as all intellectual property rights associated with and embodied in the artwork(s) submitted on the attached page affixed with my signature. I also agree to hold BoneStamp harmless, now and in the future, for displaying or failing to display the artwork and or name and e-mail address I am submitting.  I further agree to promise not to whine or cause a lawsuit against BoneStamp even if I change my mind about any of this.  If I cause a lawsuit against BoneStamp or any of BoneStamp's principals, I agree to pay all legal and court expenses related to any arbitration, settlement, legal and or court costs associated with that lawsuit regardless of outcome.,   Should I cause a lawsuit anyway and obtain a favorable judgement against BoneStamp or any of BoneStamp's principals, I agree and pledge I will indemnify BoneStamp and each and every one of the principals for the entire amount of any legal settlement or judgement that should be awarded to me.
Affix your signature & date:



Submit the original of your work(s) on a separate page(s) and sign and date it(each) with the same pen used to sign and date
the printed version of this document.  Send to

Suite 200
825 Pollard Road 
Los Gatos, CA  95032


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