BoneMartyr Shrine of Contentment

"Happy the man, and happy he alone
He who can call today his own.
He, so secure within can say,
Tomorrow do they worst,
Fore I have lived today."

"If a man has no enemies, his life has no meaning."  How many men finish out there years without the courage to set some people straight?  Can a man who dies in such a state of affective incongruity possibly rest in peace?  Here in the BoneMartyr Shrine of Contentment, we have no one whose life was characterized by Lilly-liveried, yes-saying, spineless, chickenshit, duplicitous affective incongruity.  To the contrary, the men who are memorialized here were straight shooters, even though they mostly only had a chance to take aim from the hip.  As a consequence, we have been able to substantiate the authenticity of the documents they left behind.  Our BoneMartyrs weren't afraid to publicly document their heartfelt sentiments  In fact, the men in this Shrine considered a highly visible audit trail as a sign of the righteous honor of their manhood: the longer and wider the audit trail, the better! You can see by the size of this Shrine how few men there are who say what they mean and mean what they say.  But those that are here are at last at rest and at peace because they left no hidden agendas or inflammatory remarks remaining unspoken.

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Glenn L. Humphrey, USMC, Constitutional Defender
"To the people who would condemn me for fighting for my rights, I have a piece of mistletoe pinned to my shirt tail."--GLH, 1975
Father of Teresa, Brian & Diane, Former Husband of Iris, Wheat Farmer, Common Law Attorney, Sheriff & Mayor, Big Sandy, Montana

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