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BoneStamp® For Groups 

(Mini Bulk Purchases Here!)

Dorm Hustler/ 4Pak Special

Huster Special (4 Standard BoneStamps) $27.99 with FREE SHIPPING!  Includes 4 downloads of Virtual Bonestamp.  

That's right, four BoneStamps® for just a couple bucks over the price of two. And four free download copies of Virtual BoneStamp(Version 1.4.1) thrown in to boot. Yeowww. If your money is closer to you than your friends, sell the first three bonestamps to your "pals" and the fourth one is yours for free (and you made enough extra money to buy yourself three condoms and some wine coolers for a big night with that special girl of yours).  If you are egalitarian by nature, four guys can go in together and split the big savings.  So whether you believe in screwing your buddies or cooperating with them, if you have friends, this is the deal for you.  Remember, this deal is a saving of almost $68.00 over the regular price of all this loot sold separately.  And that's not counting the money you save on shipping!  Your friends will bless you for bringing them this opportunity. If you don't have friends, the special below will make you some:

Frat Man Special: A Dozen Bones

Frat Man Special (12 Standard Bonestamps) $69.99 with FREE SHIPPING!  Includes  a dozen free download of Virtual BoneStamp (Version 1.4.1)

This package gives you the opportunity to buy BoneStamp® like you buy eggs! Except with a dozen eggs, you don't get a dozen free downloads of Virtual BoneStamp thrown in with your whites and yolks.  Seriously, frat men, salesmen, or those who aspire to climb socially, this the perfect suck-up gift to serious prospects: a box of bones is so cheap compared to having to actually earn respect! Good grief, a wholesale price on the Bachelor Party/ Fraternity Party/Promotion Party/Retirement Dinner souvenir of the decade.   Depending on the bride, it might even make an original bridal shower favor.  And priced just a bit over $6.00 a bone!  Not to mention bone software galore and significant savings on shipping and handling compared to buying one bone at a time.  This package saves you almost $219 off all this bone-booty sold separately.   Don't cheap out on your closest friends and/or best customers and/or wedding party.  Pony up.  It will be worth it.

Set d' Bone Special    $26.99

Set o' Bones (BIG MAN'S BONEstamp + Standard BoneStamp) $26.99 with FREE SHIPPING! 
Includes free download of Virtual BoneStamp (Version 1.4.1)

BoneStamp® + BIG MAN'S BONEstamp® 2 free downloads of Virtual BoneStamp®Okay, you can't afford to keep them all for yourself.  But here are four fast selling bones: two stamps, two downloads.  Liquidate any 3 and you keep the remainder.  Hell, you could make money and barely have to  screw your buddies.   Or better still, keeps your friends but sell some books that don't belong to you so you can afford  the "complete bone kit" for a man who knows the value of having the right tool at the right time.  You will never forgive yourself for not taking this offer if we disappear into cyberspace tomorrow.  If you are going to have regrets in your life, regret your actions; not your inaction. Skip dinner but buy Set o' Bones Special.

Don't Freak Out About Internet Security!  Frightened by the Mass Media?
Bummed  by Browser Warnings?

"If cyberspace were paved, PayPal would be a Brink's truck."--Dr. Bone1
Don't worry, be happy:   The Internet is still new; to protect your credit card, BoneStamp uses PayPal to processes your order.  PayPal allows you to use all major credit cards or your Pay Pal account. 

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This site is satirical in nature and the products offered for sale are novelty items only intended to be used as humorous gifts and memorabilia There is no pathological psychiatric or psychological condition known as male vengeful stress syndrome so of course there are no appliances to treat it. There is a novelty item called BoneStamp®  and it really can be "a little more dangerous to use than a box of cherry bombs and incendiary bottle rockets." The main reason for this fact is that rage episodes are a public health menace.  Consider how closely  related acute rage episodes are--for victims and perpetrators alike--to beatings, stabbings and shootings. Whoa, let's about traumatic tissue damage leading to loss of life!  Few people realize that chronic rage episodes are incompatible with good health and longevity.   It is probable that people will become more physiologically aroused talking about  events that made them angry than they were aroused by the original events. That means the more you talk about your anger the more angry you become.  It is also known that recent rage episodes are involved in a disproportional number of  fatal automobile "accidents." Finally, even without interpersonal confrontation, rage episodes appear implicated in almost as many deaths from heart attacks and strokes as straining at stool. Of course, I'm a social scientist and not really a medical expert on these matters so you really should check out how all these factors effect your health with your physician. 
Enjoy life and remember your BoneStamp® is for fun so use it carefully.
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