Bone, Finger & Bird in Prose


Here we go again
Same old argument
You're calling me Miss Pollyanne
You see the world as cruel
And bein mad is cool
You think that I don't give a damn

You don't have to shout to be heard
Who said dark is deep
You'd rather flip the bird
I'd rather show you signs of peace
Love ain't a dying art
As far as I can see
Yeah sentimental me

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  • Stanley Stinkbug #3 - A Guest Review from Dalton Webb

Stanley Stinkbug, #3 by C. Baldock, is reminiscence of the old anthropomorphic and crudely animated cartoons (i.e.: "Steamboat Willie") with a dash of underground comix flavor. The book looks if was a labor of love done at the local Kinko's, but it has laser color copies for the wrap-around cover and the interior in b/w. The main characters compose of a stinkbug, Stanely Stinkbug, and his buddy, a dog named Ed. The style is very dark, either done in pen and ink, or brush. The heavy blacks and crosshatching complements the sarcasm and angst of Stanley Stinkbug, but the humor keeps the writing from being a maniac depressive wet dream.

 The ongoing storyline is called 'Quit Your Job" and explores Stanley's financial troubles starting with his car breaking down. His financial situation causes him much frustration and his reaction to his problems are humorous because they have a very human quality attached to them. The problems Stanley faces are your run-of-the-mill b.s.. like how to pay the rent, no job, and no car. However, the humor lies in how one can relate to his problems and laugh at him since we know it looks silly to let our frustrations get the best of us and cause us to curse and flip the finger at nothing in particular like a wildman in the rain. Or maybe one wishes to do the very same thing and say "Damn, man, sometimes I feel like doing that!". Also presented in this book is a very whacked out dream sequence that can't quite be called a nightmare nor a daydream.


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The Sandcrawler

That may sound pretty and in many ways we are. Yes, in many ways we are simply adorable. But we must remind you that for us, the path to a revolutionary joi de vivre is with a growl and chortle. We hoark loogies on apathetic artists and give the finger to boring activists. We believe in excess and fluids. We want to bathe social change in syrup and the run with it to the picket line. The revolution is now and we give props to those making it happen (both in everyday life and in cunning strategies for the future).

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10 Things A Real Man Should Do Before He Dies.
(According to Maxiim Magazine)

Give The Finger To A Harley-Davidson Gang (True) Bull Comment - Yeah, but does from a Delta flight at thirty thousand feet count???

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