Tips for Using Virtual BoneStamp
(from the VBS "Tip Window")

WARNING: Not everyone has the same sense of humor. According to situation and jurisdiction, BoneStamping may result in death or injury from physical violence, termination, divorce, expulsion, arrest, conviction, and /or incarceration. Of course, John Bellushi used to say, "If they don't get your jokes, fuck 'em."

IMPORTANT: This program is intended for amusement only. It is not a substitute for civility, impulse control, mediation, counseling, and psychotherapy nor is it representative of the psychotherapeutic process. Absolutely nothing about this application is waranteed, including how it will effect your computer. Nothing here stated precludes the possibility that good humor and the capacity to laugh at yourself are important aspects of a well balanced, meaningful life.

Tip #1 When you close this window, the Virtual BoneStamp Console will load one of its many "bones" and one of its many "sentiments" then minimize itself automatically awaiting your control from the Virtual BoneStamp Icon in the SYSTEM TRAY NEXT TO THE CLOCK.

TIP #2 Restore the BoneStamp console from time to time to explore and exploit its many options (including the latest "Read Me" infomation) and ability to update this program for free from the internet updates.

TIP #3 The minimized BoneStamp control is a Little Hand Giving the Finger Icon which can be found in the SYSTEM TRAY next to the CLOCK on the TASK BAR.

TIP #4 Right Click on the Little Hand Giving the Finger Icon and you can choose several bones to flip immediately or restore the console for the maximum number of choices and additional information.

TIP #5 Left Click on the Little Hand Giving the Finger Icon and you will have one one-click bone flip.--One-click bone flip rewards the end user clever enough to put a Virtual BoneStamp shortcut icon in his or her startup folder so that every time the computer is turned on, you are ready to electronically flip anyone off at a moments notice with but one little click of your mouse. Now that's high technology in meaningful action.

TIP #6 In every case and by whatever means, the flip-the-bird image you have chosen will be loaded on to the paste key of all Windows compatible applications.

TIP #7 In other words, just go to whatever program you want to use to transmit your flip-the-bird image, position the cursor at the place you want the CyberFinger, and click on the paste button of that application (or, right click on the cursor position and then select "paste")

TIP #8 To exit from Virtual BoneStamp, Restore the Console from the System Tray Icon and then select "Quit" or close the window.

TIP #9 If you elect to uncheck the "see this box at start up" and you forget something important you read in these tips, you can find the tips on your computer in C: /Program Files/Virtual Bonestamp/Tipoftheday.txt.

Tip #10 FINAL TIP: BoneStamp products make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones. Spread the BoneStamp cheer.